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Based in Stonewall, Manitoba GVS Home Appraisals is your reliable residential appraisal team, fully certified by the Appraisal Institute of Canada. Choose us for your appraisal in and around Winnipeg or almost anywhere in the Interlake Region of Manitoba. We have the expertise to provide you with the best and fairest price whether your home is a small urban bungalow or a larger rural property. GVS Home Appraisals specializes in rural appraisals including small towns, cottages and farm homes. In addition to these areas we also have extensive experience in providing a value for property in the City of Winnipeg.

Why get an appraisal?

There are many reasons for having property appraised including establishing a fair market value for resales purposes, refinance to obtain equity, estate and annulments, tax assessment disputes, and expropriation. Whatever the reason, GVS Home Appraisals is committed to obtaining the most accurate value based on research analysis and data verification.

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Our Team

Dwayne Grantham's portrait image

Dwayne Grantham, CRA

Dwayne has been appraising real estate since 2009. His extensive knowledge in the residential real estate market provides him with the ability to accurately and efficiently appraise real estate. Prior to becoming a CRA Dwayne specialized in residential construction and rehabilitation of homes in and around the City of Winnipeg. In addition he has extensive experience in property management of residential homes which has also contributed to his skills as an appraiser. Dwayne’s hard work, dedication and commitment to obtaining accurate values makes him a important member of the team.

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Felipe Barker's portrait image

Felipe Barker, AIC Candidate Member

Felipe is a hard working and dedicated member of the GVS team. His background is in lending and financing and this skill set provided him with the capability to effectively value real estate and identify the key variables that impact values.

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Matthew Jordan, AIC Candidate Member

Matthew is the newest addition to the GVS Team. Matthew's background in analytics provides him a unique skillset and the ability to process and interpret data in the real estate market, which is integral component of residential property valuation.

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Cassandra Lamb, Office Manager

Cassandra is often the voice on the phone or the person responding to the emails. Cassandra’s primary role is making sure the day to day operations run smoothly. Her calm demeanor, hardworking attitude and apt communication skills make her an important part of the team. Cassandra is currently on a temporary maternity leave.

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Sherry Dayson, Office Support

Sherry is the first point of contact for GVS and is an integral part of the team. Her strong communication skills, friendly demeanor and excellent multitasking capabilities enable her to help you have a positive and productive experience with our business.

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Viktoriia Lolenko's portrait image

Viktoriia Lolenko, Office Manager

Viktoriia, our newly appointed Office Manager, brings a wealth of qualities to her role that contribute to the seamless operation of our team. With a calm demeanor and a steadfast work ethic, she navigates the demands of her position with remarkable organization and commitment. Viktoriia's honesty and dedication are not only evident in her approach to her work but also in the relationships she fosters within the team. Her keen attention to detail ensures that no task goes overlooked, while her valuable perspective enhances our overall efficiency and cohesion. We are fortunate to have Viktoriia in this crucial role, driving our office operations to new heights with her exceptional skills and positive attitude.

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Gurjinder Aulakh's portrait image

Gurjinder Aulakh, AIC Candidate Member

Gurjinder Aulakh, our newest team member, brings a diverse skill set honed over six years in management, talent acquisition, and workforce administration. During his tenure as Manager (Operations) at his previous employment, Gurjinder showcased his ability to start and grow a business, highlighting strategic planning, operational expertise, and effective team collaboration. Notably, he played a pivotal role in developing a new lighting showroom in Winnipeg, emphasizing skills in project management and successful coordination with builders, electricians, and designers. Gurjinder's experience in real estate development and renovation projects further underscores his understanding of property dynamics and market trends. As the former Operations Manager/Coordinator, he demonstrated adeptness in overseeing operations and ensuring seamless coordination, skills integral to the world of residential appraisal. Gurjinder's energetic, optimistic, and goal-focused approach positions him as a valuable asset in contributing to the success of our residential appraisal endeavors.

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